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2016 Hong Kong Family Trip

We visited Hong Kong last year and I was quite turned off by this country, quoting that I would likely never visit Hong Kong again. So what brings my family and I to this land again. Various combination of factors, so lets just say that I do not have a choice.

Anyway, I kind of reach a stage of life where work has consumed much of my daily life. My weekends are used for resting and I hardly find energy for many things in life. Thus for my blog where I used to write more extensive travel blog. I am just going to do a real short one:

It was a simple 4 days trips from 29 Sep to 2 Oct, including a day-trip to Macau. It was a tiring trip as I had to take care of the young and old. Nevertheless this is a family trip, so it was really not meant for me to enjoy.

Photos are taken using mobile phone (much lower quality than SLR), and uploaded using mobile Apps to Facebook (which Facebook further lower the quality). I then download the entire album from Facebook for this post. I know I have gotten so lazy but this process cut short my usual posting time by 80%.

2014 Buddy Trip – Macau

It has been 6 years since I met Nick and Wee Teik in HSBC Ang Mo Kio Branch, when we were all still Relationship Managers then. They have been my closest buddies in life, even after having move into different career paths and stages of life. I am married with a kid, Teik is married, Nick has yet to marry. Due to the different level of commitment, the frequent meet-ups have became once in a blue moon. Nevertheless, we are still close at hearts, and tightness seems to be like before.

We finally did a buddy trip. Something we have talked about for years but it never materialise. I started by asking them for a trip to Bali, and somehow it eventually turned out to be Macau. Given Macau, the main objective is the casinos. Nick then decided to do a bungy jump as a surprise for his soon-to-be wife, Maggie. This was my first time in Macau.

We hit the Macau Tower, where Nick did his world tallest bungy jump (233 meters). It was almost 3pm by the time he was done and we were all so famished. We just wanted food and ended up having simple dim sum that racked up to $1,000MOP (SGD160). That was the most expensive dim sum we ever had.

What happened for the remaining trip was just casino, resting in room, munching on food, casino, casino, casino, casino………

Nick and Teik were up with profits while I was down with losses. While it was just a short 1 day trip and we practically did nothing beside gambling, we all enjoyed this 1st buddy trip. I am looking forward to the next one but I wonder when will that ever happen.

I would not want to visit Macau again as it is rather boring. There is nothing except casinos and gambling. Not something I particularly love to do during a holiday. So Macau, been there, done that, but not again.