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2016 Hong Kong Family Trip

We visited Hong Kong last year and I was quite turned off by this country, quoting that I would likely never visit Hong Kong again. So what brings my family and I to this land again. Various combination of factors, so lets just say that I do not have a choice.

Anyway, I kind of reach a stage of life where work has consumed much of my daily life. My weekends are used for resting and I hardly find energy for many things in life. Thus for my blog where I used to write more extensive travel blog. I am just going to do a real short one:

It was a simple 4 days trips from 29 Sep to 2 Oct, including a day-trip to Macau. It was a tiring trip as I had to take care of the young and old. Nevertheless this is a family trip, so it was really not meant for me to enjoy.

Photos are taken using mobile phone (much lower quality than SLR), and uploaded using mobile Apps to Facebook (which Facebook further lower the quality). I then download the entire album from Facebook for this post. I know I have gotten so lazy but this process cut short my usual posting time by 80%.

2015 Hong Kong Trip Day 1 – Mong Kok

15 Jan 2015

It was some years since we traveled with my mother-in-law. We felt that it was time to bring her for a short trip and picked Hong Kong. A place we wanted to visit but have never set our foot on. For those trips to Taiwan, we normally transit in Hong Kong Airport but never stayed in this country. Since young we have been watching Hong Kong movies and drama series and I always had this impression that it is a happening place. We were built up for the Hong Kong excitement but came back with a different after-trip experience. For now let’s just talk about what we did there.

Upon arrival at Hong Kong Airport, we took our lunch while I went in search for the local sim card. That will allow me to contact the owner of the apartment that we booked via Airbnb. Trying to save on transport, our initial plan was to take the airport express train into the main city area. However it was quite troublesome and seeing my mother-in-law struggled with luggage, we alighted at Tsing Yi station and took a cab to Mong Kok. Kind of a right choice and should been the choice from the start.

Upon checking in, we were shocked to find out how small the apartment was. It was so small that we had no space to open our luggage. There was only walking area enough for a human body in the bedrooms and we had to open our luggage in the living room, close it up so that we can move around the living room (which isn’t big either). What really shocked us to the maximum was the toilet. It was so small that even a small size built like Amber, struggled….. At that moment I really regretted cancelling the hotel after Amber suggested we should try out Airbnb. This first impression was really not a good way to start the trip. Especially knowing we will be cramping in is apartment for 4 days.

After settling down, we walked around Mong Kok and had some desserts. Everyone was tired from the flight and we went back to the apartment for a good 2 hours of sleep. It was then dinner time and we went for a night stroll along Women Street. Really didn’t do much for the first day and we retreated back into the small apartment.

During the night Jevriel was crying for my dad, who he sleeps with every night and has gotten so used to. We had to deal with him crying for hours and slowly pacifying him. I was starting to hate the holiday and wish that we were home instead. In summary, it was a terrible first day in Hong Kong.


2015 Hong Kong Trip Day 2 – Disneyland

16 Jan 2015

We started the day early as the day was planned for Hong Kong Disneyland. Tim Ho Wan is a big hit in Singapore when it opened its first outlet at Plaza Singapura. It was part of our itinerary to try the original version in Hong Kong. There are a few outlets and we headed to the michelin outlet around Tai Zhi station. I read that this is the original first shop where Tim Ho Wan started its business. It is some walking distance from the station and not nearby any major shopping mall or landmark, so do use a map to navigate. Unlike Singapore, there was no queue and we were straight away seated. We ordered a bit of everything. My review is, the Char Siew Bao is damn nice, while the rest are just so-so.

We headed towards Tung Chung station as Amber wanted to check out the Citygate outlets. There is nothing much there, we did not buy anything, and it just ate away time from Disneyland. It was around 2pm by the time we reached Disneyland. Definitely a mistake as such theme park should be allocated a full day and we should have arrived early in the morning. By the time we entered the park, Jevriel got cranky due to hunger and it was 3pm before we could start exploring the park.

Hong King Disneyland is bigger than our Resort World Sentosa Universal Studio. Being my first time in Disneyland, I do not have any benchmark against Disneylands from other parts of the world. Amber and mother-in-law both been to Tokyo Disneyland and their comment is Hong Kong Disneyland is pale in comparison to the one in Japan. Reviews from the internet shows that Tokyo Disneyland is much nicer, so we earmarking that for our next Tokyo trip.

We started with the Fantasy-land by doing some photo shoot with Micky Mouse, followed by the Pooh Bear ride. Jevriel quite enjoyed the ride but it took just almost an hour to queue, so we dropped the idea of re-queue and explore other areas instead. It was around 4pm and we have yet seen much of this Disneyland. The next area we visited was Space theme Tomorrow-land. The queue for rides were much shorter, around 10 mins.

Next was the Adventure-land and there is this river boat ride which Jevriel would kind of enjoy. However given that the sun was about to set and the queue looked like an 1.5 hour wait, we gave it a miss and headed over to Toys Story-land. I think this is quite a fun section of Disneyland. There are some crazy rides here. People were screaming whenever the rides starts but we couldn’t take any since Jevriel was too young. We just stood by to observe the people and then move over to the next area, the Mystic Point. It was almost 6pm so we had dinner in the Mystic Cafe. By the time we were done, they sun had set. There are some horror houses in this area but again we gave it a miss due to Jevriel. I personally don’t quite like such stuff either.

The last area was Grizzy Gluch, where there is this roller coaster that would drop you backward. Quite cool. By now Jevriel had fallen asleep as it was nearing to 8pm. We wait till 8.30pm where the theme park ended the day with a firework show. About 10 mins into the show, I kind of sensed that it was about to end. Not wanting to be fighting with the other 10,000 people for a ride home, we decided to skip the tail end of the fireworks and headed towards the station. There were many that had the same thoughts as me and while walking half way, the firework show ended and we saw people started running towards the station. We managed to board the 2nd train and reached our apartment around 9.15pm (Given the crazy crowd and 1 way train ride out, we would likely still be in Disneyland queueing for the MTR if we had not left earlier).

It was a long and tiring day, but we did not really play much in the Disneyland. Partly because we only arrived Disneyland at 3pm, and partly because Jevriel was rather cranky and much time was spent feeding/pacifying him. So in a way, I spent $200+ for only 2 rides…….Pooh bear and Space. Although it was an experience, I think it was quite a waste of money to just be walking the park. The next Disneyland visit must be better planned, and with a full day set aside.

As usual, Jevriel woke up several times in the night looking for my dad, and we had to shave off several hours of sleep just to pacify him. The neighbors probably hated us for these few days. While this was a better day than yesterday, my overall experience with Hong Kong did not really improved.