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2016 Japan Autumn Trip Day 09 – Nara

2016 Japan Autumn Trip Day 10 – Nara

2016 Japan Sakura Trip Day 13 – Nara

Day 13 – 8 Apr – Fri

Today itineary: Nara Deer Park

Nara is a prefecture that is easily accessible from Kyoto and Osaka. It is normally done as a day trip and a visit to the Deer Park + famous temples, with the most commonly visited as Todaiji Temple. We took a JR from Namba to Nara, followed by a shutter bus that loop around Nara’s main attractions.

We started with deer feeding and it was a fixture of fun and fear as they can get rather aggressive at times. I was wearing jeans and there was a couple of deer that tried poking me with their horns. I would have been injured if I was wearing thinner fabrics. For those intending to feed these deer, please try to wear pants or jeans that cover your entire legs. They will crowd around you when you start the feeding and it is difficult to manage 360 degree and you will bound to be poked by some of them.

We walked further in and rested in front of an open space. Nara seems to be popular with couples taking wedding photos, probably because of the Sakura and deer. We saw at least 4 couples. Eventually we reached Todaiji temple, paid ¥500 each, and witness the huge Buddha in the temple.

We did not venture into other parts of Nara but headed back to Osaka after Todaiji temple. We will do a revisit and probably stay a night in the next trip.