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Puala Tioman – Leisure Dive

2 weeks after passing my Open Water, I am back diving into the water of Puala Tioman with REN Scubaworx. The journey was almost the same, with Tioman 1 hour nearer to the Mersing jetty. The marine life are about the same as Dayang. Major difference would be Tioman seabed is filled with sea urchins, plently of them that requires additional care while near to the bottom. The visibility of Tioman was pretty bad as well, making it challenging not to get lost (which I did in one of the dive). A baby moral eel was the only rare find that I saw in this trip. The advance group spotted turtles, cuttlefish, and many other interesting subjects during their night dives.

10 more dives and I can get my Advance licence. I am now thinking how to do so to be in time for Sipadan.