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2015 Family Year End Staycation @ Sentosa – Day 1

24 Nov 2015

Early part of the year, my family did a staycation in Resort World Sentosa (RWS), so this time round we decided to stay somewhere inside Sentosa. After some research and budget matching, we chose Siloso Beach Resort, which cost us around $400 per night for a family room.

Everyone in my family like the place the moment we checked in. Siloso Beach Resort has a very natural feel and it brings us away from our usual brick and mortar. The family room is extremely big and spacious, and we had window facing the sea view. However as we were staying at the lower level, the view was blocked by mainly trees, which was not too bad anyway.

Upon check-in, it started to rain and most of the outdoor activities became unsuitable. We rest in the room and it didn’t take long before the rain died down. I then drove my family to Sentosa Cove and we did a walk around this area where the wealthy live. It would have been nice if we are able to afford something here but we had to snap back to reality, and we drove back to the resort, before heading to Palawan beach for some sand playing. Jevriel had fun and messed himself with sands all over.

After a wash up, I drove my family out of Sentosa and went over to Fong Seng Lasi Lemak at West Coast area. I have yet to purchase a car when we did the RWS staycation earlier in the year. Now it became much more convenient when we could travel around. We did our groceries shopping before retreating back to the hotel. Overall we did not do much for the day but it was nice to be relaxing in a place that is nearer to nature.


Ever since I held my first SLR camera, I had never really went back to compact cameras, not to mention accepting quality from mobile phone camera. Photos taken from SLR are always in RAW, as I always wish to retain the options to make adjustments, especially for exposure and white balance. The only issue is the time taken for the entire process from adjusting the RAW, to converting into JPEG. Therefore  during this staycation I decided to give the mobile phone camera a try. I had my SLR camera with me and did a combination of both. It pretty much common sense that mobile phone camera can never beat SLR in quality, and mobile phone camera lacks the ability of aperture and point of focus. Nevertheless I wish to test out the mobile phone camera to see if I could live with the quality, and decide if I wish to lug a heavy camera to the upcoming Japan trip in 2016, or to simply travel with just my phone.

Photos taken from my SLR


Photos taken from my mobile phone (Samsung S6)

Obviously the mobile phone camera is a far fetch from my SLR. The biggest problem is night shot, where the quality and noise level went to a level that I can never accept.

2015 Family Year End Staycation @ Sentosa – Day 2

25 Nov 2015

Today is my 34th birthday and I started my day with a run from Siloso Point to Tanjong Beach, turned back at Sentosa Cove entrance and back to Shangri-La. There was a speedometer and it captured my speed when I ran past @ 14km/hr. lol

For some reason (maybe due to the weight and bulkiness), I decided to leave my SLR in the hotel and rely on my mobile phone camera for the rest of the staycation.

After breakfast we went for the Skyline Luge. We had to wear mushroom helmets that looks like Super Mario. Skyline Luge is a combination of riding the Luge down the hills and then taking the Skyline (like cable car) back up. As our resort is near the beach, we started with the Skyline, a ride up and then Luge down. I bought the family package, which comes with 10 rides @ $88. Jevriel sat with me and enjoyed 2 rounds of rides.

Lunch was KFC (kind of my Dad’s favorite fast food, and probably one of my most hated fast food), and being filled, we started walking the Natural Walk towards Siloso Point. There was some Peacock showing off its beauty outside the Underwater World and Jevriel was fascinated with its beauty. Next we took a lift up the new Fort Siloso Walkway, and admired a scenic panoramic view. The walkway leads directly towards the peak of Fort Siloso, where we slowly walked through the history of Sentosa during World War 2.

Everyone was dead tired after the walk and we all wanted the beds. After a good nap, we filled our stomach at Ding Tai Feng. I am too old to have kind of stop celebrating my birthdays, so it was just a normal dinner with family. I ended the night having a bottle of beer in the resort outdoor Jacuzzi.

2015 Family Year End Staycation @ Sentosa – Day 3

26 Nov 2015

We have yet to check out the resort swimming pool and it was just perfect to do so before we check-out. As usual Jevriel had so much fun playing with water, and was crying badly when we were checking out. He was sad that this staycation had ended and for the months to come, he kept telling us that he wanted to go “hotel”…… 🙂

When I was doing up the photos, I really cannot imagine that I used to look like this


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What happened to me?