The Members

Jimmy Lucas

Jimmy first came into contact with SLR since the age of 5. Not the person behind the viewfinder, but the subject of the photographer. It was until the age of 21 when he went into photography. All thanks to the Wallaby trip that yielded blurred photos. Ever since year 2002, Jimmy has developed a deep sense of passion for expressing his emotions through photography.

With this desire, ambellic was created as the portfolio when Jimmy went into part-time wedding photography. He has since stopped taking assignments and this is now use as a family blog / travel log.

Jimmy’s bucket list (Travels)

What to do Achieved on Remarks
Visit 20 countries
(10% of the world’s countries)
  (1) Malaysia (much younger days)
(2) Indonesia (much younger days)
(3) Australia (2002)
(4) Thailand (2002)
(5) China (2007)
(6) Taiwan (2009)
(7) Egypt (2010)
(8) Italy (2012)
(9) Vatican City (2012)
(10) Switzerland (2012)
(11) France (2012)
(12) Germany (2012)
(13) Japan (2014)
(14) Hong Kong (2015)
Visit 7 Wonders of the World   Mar 2010 : Great Pyramid of Giza (Ancient)
Apr 2012 : Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa
Visit 7 Wonders of Nature    
Create first step on each of the
7 Continents of the World
  Nov 1981 : Asia (Born in Singapore)
Oct 2002 : Australia (Rockhamton)
Mar 2010 : Africa (Egypt)
Apr 2012 : Europe (Italy)
Honeymoon in Europe or Japan Apr 2012 21 days in Europe (Italy > Switzerland > France)
Visit all the 47 prefectures of Japan   (1) Hokkaido (2014)
(2) Tokyo (2014)
(3) Kyoto (2016)
(4) Osaka (2016)
(5) Nara (2016)
(6) Hyogo (2016)
Experience the wildlife in Africa    
Catch the Northern Lights    
Retrace my family roots (visit my forefathers’ land)    
Celebrate Chinese New Year Festival overseas    
Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival overseas    
Celebrate Christmas in a snowing country    
A Road trip    
A Self trip  Dec 2016 Indonesia :: Bali 
A trip with no itinerary,
no destination, no objective
Travel for more than 1 month    
Travel every single month in a given year    

Jimmy’s bucket list (Sports & Hobbies)

What to do Achieved on Remarks
Open Water scuba diving licence Aug 2011 Certified in Puala Dayang under REN Scubaworx
Advance scuba diving licence Jul 2012 Certified in Puala Dayang under REN Scubaworx
Dive next to a shark    
Live on Boat dive    
Wrapped by a school of barracudas    
Dive in Maldives    
Dive in Great Barrier Reef    
Learn fishing    
Own a Canon 1Ds series    
Capture a 4 season photograph    
Win a photography competition    
Learn studio/model photography    
Complete a 42km marathon    
Cycle 100km in one day    
Cycle a total of 1,000km since I have gotten my roadbike    
Cycle a total of 10,000km since I have gotten my roadbike    
Attain a lean 8pac bod    
Complete an overseas race (run/cycle)    
Clock more than 200 points in bowling    

 Jimmy’s bucket list (Life)

What to do Achieved on Remarks
Ability to speak / write / read Japanese fluently   Learnt elementary Japanese in Jan 2012 but stopped afterwhich
Learnt elementary Japanese again in Nov 2014 but stopped afterwhich
Retire anywhere else beside Singapore    
Appear on a magazine cover    
Drive a Maserati   Did not drive but sat in a Maserati Quattroporte in Oct 2010
Own a IWC / Patek Philippe    
Learn cooking / baking    
Become a millionaire (in SGD value)    

 Jimmy’s bucket list (Just For Fun)

What to do Achieved on Remarks
Destroy a working smartphone    
Consume 100 meals of Subway over a period    
Consume 100 bowls of salad over a period    

 Jimmy’s bucket list (Fear Factors)

What to do Achieved on Remarks
Conquer the fear of needles and get a tattoo    
Conquer the fear of heights and fly up in a hot air balloon    



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She is the inspiration of ambellic, the lady that is always giving full support to Jimmy. Since the day they met, she has been a wonderful memory to each and every day of their lives. These are the exact feelings that was penned down when Jimmy created ambellic in the image of Amber.

I was searching for an inspiration and I came across amble – to go at a slow, easy pace. I find it very meaningful for life. We are living in such a fast-paced world that often in life we miss out on many beautiful things; things that we might pass by everyday, or things that we might only encounter once in a lifetime. If only I could amble through life, capture those precious moments, and tell that story to someone else. I think this is how my photography should be. To capture your moments of life, for you to share it with your loved ones, for you to revive these emotions as you amble down the beach with your grandchildren. Amble has the same pronunciation as Amber. As much as my wife is an angel in my life, I believe your lifetime partner is likewise in your eyes. We often visualise this important person as an angelic figure.

a name + a meaningful word + an important person

am-bell-lic, that’s how it shall be pronounce

ambellic is a tribute to my wife, and it shall be the storyteller for you.


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Jevriel Lucas

Jevriel is made in Paris and born in Singapore. He is almost named as Eiffel because of that (lol!)

As the new addition to the family, Jevriel brings along endless joy and surprises as he grows up day by day. It shall come a day when he can understand this blog, and amble down the memories that was written. It will be an amazing experience to know the part of his parents’ lives before his coming, and to know how life was before he could understand anything here.

Jimmy created ambellic for Amber, as a wedding photography portfolio. It was then transformed into a family blog for Jevriel. Together they form ambellic.